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Hi. I’m Melissa,

I am a Disney loving Mom, a Disney Vacation Planner, Cruise Specialist, Destination Wedding/Honeymoon Coordinator, Corporate/Group Travel Expert – Entrepreneur – and a Holistic Wellness Geek! Whew, it’s a lot I know!

My work and passion is travel, my belief is that everyone deserves to take a vacation that doesn’t break the bank. Vacations are not only special, but I believe they are crucial to the bonding of the families, couples, and friends.  I specialize in creating vacations that will help you make memories of a lifetime!

You will also here me talk about about Holistic Wellness, natural supplementation, etc.. that’s because when I began to prioritize taking care of myself in a more natural way, I experienced multiple benefits including: overall well-being, improved stress management, more efficient time management and a more positive outlook on life!

My mission to help as many people as possible create what I like to call an Enchanted Life through travel and maintaining optimal health!

What would an Enchanted Life look like to you?